SPECIALISTS in digital signage

EXPERTS in technological integration (Cloud or hosted)

PASSIONATE about collaboration and communication

PEOPLE who like to help others


Years of experience


Employees and collaborators


Customer satisfaction%


The expertise of the MELTING ICECUBE Consultants, combined with the various manufacturers who have more than a decade of development experience with hundreds of locations for clients on three continents, show you that we have the experience, the resources and the expertise needed to fully meet your needs.

Whether you have one or a hundred screens, we answer the phone and emails, with a smile, to help you in the day-to-day management of your network and to resolve technical problems as quickly as possible.

Receiving all the necessary information is essential for informed and rapid decision-making. Transparency is one of our important values which allows us to maintain a bond of trust with our customers. This is the basis of the very high satisfaction rate of our customers.

Support is the number one element of a successful technological implementation. That’s why we’re there for our customers throughout the deployment and beyond.


We like to work with the ICEFIL kiosk to serve our members at the cashier counter as well as with our member services agents for more specialized transactions (eg draft, certified check, foreign currency, etc.)

In my case, I mainly like the real-time supervision view which allows me to see the status of the queues, the cash desks and ASAM offices open and closed and the main performance indicators (time of (average wait per service, maximum wait time per service, tickets printed and tickets served).

With the front desk employee, we can better allocate our resources and refer our members because we see who is busy and who is available.

Caroline Anctil, Member Services Coordinator,

Caisse de Mont-Joli – Est de la Mitis

The most important thing is to make people happy and informed. The DNA of Melting Ice Cube fits precisely this definition.

Pierre Nareau, IT Director, Garant GP

Having several distribution centers and terminals across Quebec and Ontario, we were looking for an efficient way to communicate with our employees. The solution offered to us by MELTING ICECUBE allowed our company to reach the vast majority of our employees through an easy-to-use tool, in real time.

Vyckie Vaillancourt, Coordinator, communications and marketing
Groupe Robert Inc.

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