IzyFil your solution for queue management ! Ticketing kiosk and appointment scheduling, everything you need to better serve your customers and optimize your organization.

Designed for an easy and optimized management of visitors, IzyFil proposes a unique approach for guests and operators: greater simplicity and efficiency.

IzyFil is a smart queue management system, it optimizes guests routing using interactives touchscreens kiosks with ticket dispenser and appointment scheduling.

Virtual queue and single queue

Highly configurable to welcome your visitors in the best conditions.                      

Appointments management

Online appointment booking solution with reminders and automatic SMS sending.

Virtual Tickets

The IzyFil Virtual Ticket for smartphones, an efficient and hygienic alternative.

A simple and complete queue management system

A Simple And Complete Queue Management System

IzyFil is the reception and queue management solution designed to facilitate the care of your visitors. It offers a new approach for the user and the organization: more simplicity for more efficiency in welcoming and taking care of your visitors. 

Global solution for the management of reception and queues, IzyFil integrates a professional dynamic display system to communicate and / or entertain your visitors while they wait on your screens and on the terminals. 

IzyFil are offers that adapt to your needs and constraints, choose from our SaaS solutions for queue management hosted on our Cloud or in classic license mode (also called "On Premise") deployed in your infrastructure.

Virtual Ticket - COVID Comfort and Hygiene in your queues

Virtual Ticket - COVID Comfort And Hygiene In Your Queues

Your visitors can take their rank on their mobile phone by scanning a QR code and be called by SMS and / or from a [qr code vticket] tracking interface on a mobile phone.

In times of health crisis, with the IzyFil V-Ticket, let your visitors move around, occupy themselves or wait outside. It is also a simple, efficient and hygienic alternative to the interactive terminal.

New IzyRDV Starter offer for online appointment booking

New IzyRDV Starter Offer For Online Appointment Booking
Discover the online appointment booking solution for traders, craftsmen or liberal professions.

Simple and accessible with IzyRDV improve your reception conditions today.

A solution that is easy to set up, can be configured and adapted to the health context that allows you to optimize the reception and offer comfort and safety to your customers

Offer a personalized welcome and organize your customer flows!

Your customers make an appointment online 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, depending on their needs and availability. IzyRDV an online appointment booking solution that reflects your image and can be integrated into your website!

Virtual queues

Virtual Queues

With IzyFil, setting up virtual queues can drastically reduce anxiety.

Visitors can take care of themselves, sit down, move around, look at screens or documentations after taking their row and a ticket ...

  • Visitors collect a numbered ticket from interactive reception kiosks with integrated ticket dispenser.
  • One or more screens show the people called, the name of the office and the estimated wait time.
  • Your employees from the counters can process requests, monitor the status of queues and know the reasons for visits from their web browser.


A welcome by appointment that allows you to improve your organization and personalize the visitor reception.

Reduce waiting times, optimize your reception area and manage your customer flows with IzyRDV, an advanced appointment management solution.
  • Visitors make an appointment online or according to your terms from your available time slots.
  • At the time of the meeting, the visitor, who has possibly confirmed his arrival (depending on your configuration), is called to be greeted and assisted in his request.

Virtual Ticket

Virtual Ticket
The IzyFil Virtual Ticket or V-Ticket for smart phone offers a simple, efficient, hygienic and innovative alternative to the interactive kiosk to take its place.

The IzyFil V-Ticket is a revolution for queue management ...
  • The visitor scans a QR code on his phone
  • He chooses the desired service and can pre-fill in useful information.
  • Follow on the screen of his phone the progress of his wait, until his call for treatment.

Single queue

Single Queue
IzyFil single file is a ticketless solution for first-come treatment without frustration.

Visitors standing in a single queue are informed and called as soon as a counter is available.
  • No bad queue
  • Reduced perceived wait
  • Simple and quick to deploy

Queue management has never been so easy and efficient with IzyfiL

  • Number of visitors

  • Average waiting time by department and period

  • Processing time per operation

  • Off-peak / peak days / hours ratio

  • Drop-out and service rate

Izyfil allows you to optimize and streamline the reception of your visitors and facilitate the work of your employees.


We like to work with the ICEFIL kiosk to serve our members at the cashier counter as well as with our member services agents for more specialized transactions (eg draft, certified check, foreign currency, etc.)
In my case, I mainly like the real-time supervision view which allows me to see the status of the queues, the cash desks and ASAM offices open and closed and the main performance indicators (time of (average wait per service, maximum wait time per service, tickets printed and tickets served).
With the front desk employee, we can better allocate our resources and refer our members because we see who is busy and who is available.

Caroline Anctil, Member Services Coordinator,, 

Caisse de Mont-Joli – Est de la Mitis

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