Robert Group - SharePoint TV Project

The project was rolled out in phases to different Robert terminals in various regions across Canada. The initial project called for a total of 50 screens in a dozen terminals.  Phase I , 2, 3 , 4 and 5 with 41 screens are complete and fully functional. Content updates are done via the X2O portal, SharePoint and various company databases.  Information such as employee work anniversaries, birthdays, activities, events and important messages are displayed on the screens.

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Hopital Montfort - An example of the use of dynamic signage in the hospital sector

The client wanted to create a digital signage network to communicate important information about the hospital as well as other, more general information to patients who are waiting at the various hospital departments. The aim was to both inform patients about the various procedures and events around the hospital and the community as well as to reduce the perceived waiting time. All this was to be done with a communications platform that requires minimal day-to-day intervention – in both English and French.

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Digital Workplace - The way we work has fundamentally changed

Smartphones, tablets, ubiquitous WiFi access and other technology enablers have created the ability to literally work from anywhere, greatly extending the time and places we work.  Today’s workforce is more in tune with emerging technologies than ever and as a result, employees expect to be able to work and collaborate anytime, anywhere.

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MELTINGICECUBE offers its customers a recovery and recycling program to eliminate collaborative products that have reached the end of their useful life. This program allows customers to reduce their costs for tracking, storing and managing surplus or obsolete collaboration equipment. We will be responsible for its disposal by using environmentally sound procedures that comply with current and future electronic waste regulations applicable in Canada.

We can also offer a second life to the devices and this is beneficial for the environment. In addition, the computer equipment could be reused in the community.

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