ClickShare Conference

For better hybrid meetings and an immersive conferencing experience, ClickShare Conference has just what your business needs. Connectivity is at the heart of modern business. With wireless conferencing technology from ClickShare team members in the office can link up and share content with remote meeting participants in a matter of seconds.

Intuitive teamwork, hassle-free sharing, central management and robust security are the hallmarks of ClickShare. With our wireless conferencing systems and collaboration tools, you can ‘bring your own meeting’ from anywhere. You can connect from with any device and start to collaborate with remote colleagues and virtual attendees with the minimum of fuss. You give hybrid collaboration solutions in your workplace.

You bring video conferencing to a whole new level in any meeting room, huddle room or conference room. Unlike a traditional conference system, a videoconference in any meeting space with ClickShare Conference is simple, easy, wireless.


ClickShare Conference - WIRELESS

No cables. Wirelessly share your views in and outside the room with Button or App and connect to USB camera, speaker and mic for easy conferencing


ClickShare Conference - EASY

No software needed, no touch panels to control, no settings to be managed. Have the same, one-click user experience in all rooms


ClickShare Conference - HYBRID

Turn any room into a hybrid collaboration room overnight, and enjoy the power of BYOM.  Engage in-room and remote participants 


ClickShare Conference - AGNOSTIC

Works seamlessly with your laptop, your conferencing platform (UC) and a broad range of USB peripherals


ClickShare Conference - FLEXIBLE
Integrates with pre-existing meeting room solutions and allows new tech to be added effortlessly. No vendor lock-in


ClickShare Conference - ENTERPRISE

ISO27001 certified, IT-grade solution that is secure, cloud-managed & connected. SmartCare included. Share with Button, App, or both, whatever fits your workplace strategy

What is ClickShare Conference – and how can it benefit your business?

Simple, easy, wireless. That’s how ClickShare Conference shares the apps from your laptop on the meeting room display. ClickShare Conference wirelessly connects them to the camera's, speakers and mics in the room for better hybrid meetings.

Our range of wireless conferencing solutions is designed to work wirelessly with your existing video conferencing system and a wide range of USB audio-visual peripherals like mics, soundbars and cameras. There's no the hassle of physically connecting them to your laptop using cables and adapters. This makes hybrid meetings as intuitive and straightforward as face-to-face meetings.

Start wireless conferencing with the ClickShare App or ClickShare Conferencing Button for the next virtual meeting on your agenda. Touch or touchless, Button or App. It's your way of working, your decision, matching your digital workplace strategy. What’s more, ClickShare Conference systems come with a range of outstanding and useful features.

ClickShare CX-20

Transform small meeting rooms and huddle spaces into inspiring conference facilities.

  • Full BYOD support
  • Remote collaboration
  • Agnostic: works with any device, and UC&C technology and a wide range of AV peripheral
  • Enhanced security
  • Connected and cloud managed

ClickShare CX-30 

Seamless, wireless conferencing for small to medium-sized meeting and conference rooms

  • Full BYOD support
  • Collaborate remotely
  • Full interactivity and moderation (available in future firmware update)
  • Works with your device, your conferencing platform (UC&C) and a wide range of USB peripherals
  • Enhanced security

ClickShare CX-50 

Bring premium wireless conferencing and remote collaboration to your meeting rooms and boardroom

  • Full BYOD support
  • Remote collaboration in highest quality
  • Full interactivity and moderation (available in future firmware update)
  • Agnostic: your laptop, your conferencing platform (UC&C) platform and a wide range of USB peripherals.
  • HDMI input cable

Find a ClickShare Conference validated peripheral

Barco works in close partnership with an ever-growing community of alliance partners around the world. Together we bring you the best wireless video conferencing experience, in and outside the meeting room. Discover the compatible brands and vendors of meeting room peripherals with which ClickShare Conference is collaborating. All solutions, services or products in our database have been thoroughly tested to work seamlessly together with ClickShare Conference.

Why ClickShare is a perfect match for you?

Meetings, you either love or hate them. Still, there is no way to get around them. Now, more than ever, meeting rooms are the place where decisions are taken, creativity bursts and real teamwork comes to life.

So, why not look at tech investments that increase productivity and efficiency of hybrid meetings and empower in-room and remote participants to feel equally engaged.

ClickShare offers wireless collaboration technology that is designed for you and your company. Discover how we can help you

Optimize how colleagues are working during hybrid meetings. Grow your business and get the best return on investment on your meeting room solutions
Optimize the workload of your IT team with a quick and easy integration within your network and existing technology stack

Work anytime, anywhere with your own device using intuitive, wireless technology to collaborate and connect with colleagues, suppliers, customers

Advise your clients in implementing a secure, reliable and futureproof tech solution in their new or refurbished offices

The beauty of Button and App

ClickShare Button

The ClickShare Conferencing Button and ClickShare App work together to deliver a rich, seamless meeting experience.

The Conferencing Button
In seconds, you are wirelessly connected to cameras, soundbars and other AV USB-peripherals in the room for a better, more immersive meeting experience.

The ClickShare App

Collaboration is more intuitive than ever before. The App easily connects to the meeting room, offering screen sharing as well as a host of advanced features. The App works on all devices, from desktop to Android and iOS.

Download the App

«On average, people used six different conferencing solutions in the last six months.»

Future of Meetings research, ClickShare

Great things happen when people click.

As more and more people are working remotely and flexibly, office spaces and “meetings” are being radically transformed. This workplace revolution opens up new possibilities for more productive and efficient ways of working. At the same time, it creates new challenges for business leaders. Future growth depends on investing in the right collaboration tools and tech for your workforce.

Any questions? Our team is ready to help you out.
Let us help you reimagine your meeting space.