Goal :


The client wanted to create a digital signage network to communicate with their employees and display productivity data across different areas of the plant. The client also aimed not to generate extra work for the IT team, to allow the Human Resources department to easily keep the information up to date on the screens dedicated to them and to automate the display. data on factory dashboards. Integration with corporate databases was very important to the customer.

Description :

CASE STUDY-GARANT GP Digital signage

This is a total project of 24 screens in the 5 production areas of the plant and in the various employee rest and dining rooms. Phase 1 (pilot) is currently completed to the complete satisfaction of all parties involved with the client (IT, Human Resources and Production). The final phase of the project will take place in the fall of 2016 with the addition of 16 additional screens in the various sectors of the plant.

Testimonial :

The most important thing is to make people happy and informed. MELTING ICECUBE’s DNA fits precisely this definition.

Pierre Nareau, IT Director
Garant GP

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