ViewBoard for education - 21st century classrooms

A centerpiece for collaboration, ViewBoard interactive displays deliver incredible interactive capabilities for 21st century classrooms. Featuring huge touchscreens, ViewBoard displays let multiple users write, edit, and draw onscreen for dynamic presentations and creative brainstorming.

Interactive Learning

​​myViewBoard Collaboration Software

For learner-centered, technology-rich lessons, our interactive ViewBoard displays encourage peer-to-peer collaboration between students and teachers alike. And with instant polling, game-based activities, and content sharing software, we deliver the tools you need to inspire students and make learning more fun.

Professional Development

​​ViewBoard interactive displays - Professional Development

Our Professional Development sessions deliver in-depth training to help you master and maximize your ViewBoard display and myViewBoard software – making teaching easier for you, and learning more exciting and engaging for your students.

myViewBoard Collaboration Software

MyViewBoard Collaboration Software

ViewSonic myViewBoard™ software is a powerful tool that enables teachers to build dynamic lesson plans, import engaging content, and share lessons with students – all with one easy click. Whether yours is a Windows, Android, or Chrome environment, myViewBoard works well with existing technology and seamlessly integrates into nearly any classroom.

Featured Products


Viewboard IFP50 SERIES

Ultra-fine touchscreen 55" to 98" for enterprise and education.


ViewBoard Mini smart collaboration display.

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