Commercial durability meets sleek and stunning design

Commercial quality and longevity doesn't have to be in an unsightly box. Meet the new era of exceptionally bright, beautiful picture quality combined with a stunning design that rivals that of an indoor TV.

With more than 100 commercial outdoor TV, display and monitor models available, many of which exceed 5,000 NITs in brightness and carry 3 year warranties, you can rest assured that Sealoc has a commercial display that is right for your business and budget.

100+ models and sizes available

With over one hundred models and model sizes to choose from, Sealoc's ProLoc family of outdoor TVs and displays address a nearly limitless number of business needs.

  • Outdoor, extreme bright displays
  • Kiosks and wayfinders
  • Direct View LED signage
  • Video walls
  • Light-commercial, heavy-commercial and industrial displays
  • Touch-screen displays
  • Commercial TVs, displays and monitors
  • QSR menu boards

The brightest outdoor LCD display

The brightest outdoor LCD display

Defeat the sun with the brightest outdoor display available, and ensure your digital content is seen by everyone, every time, regardless of weather conditions.

Sealoc's ProLoc:LUX 5.0 is the brightest LCD display available, which means your your digital content will be seen on the brightest, sunny day - 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. 

  • 5,000 NITS* - bright enough for clear viewing in direct sunlight
  • Bright, clear, vivid picture without washout
  • Up to 14 times brighter than indoor TVs
  • IP65 dust and water protection
  • IK10+ impact protection
  • Best in industry warranty
  • Sleek, progressive design

A winning recipe

selects the finest manufacturers and components available.


For every commercial TV, display, kiosk and direct view LED solution that we offer, Sealoc carefully selects the finest manufacturers and components available. We work tirelessly to ensure our products designs meet or exceed our customers needs.  Whether working with our LED suppliers, our circuit board factories, our metal fabrication factories, our packaging facilities, or our product testers, Sealoc believes that quality leads to longevity.


At Sealoc we are constantly pushing the innovation envelope. Our list of innovations is impressive: Exclusive conformal nano-coating, the brightest outdoor displays, field-serviceable designs, extreme-environment protection, custom manufacturing solutions, connected weatherproof systems and much more. These innovations lead to the best possible products for you and your business.

Options to suit every need

Sealoc has an outdoor display product, service or solution for nearly every business's need. 

  • Super slim and lightweight displays
  • Commercial / industrial, extreme duty displays 
  • Smart and connected devices
  • CMS (content management system) solutions
  • Remote Management & Monitoring systems
  • Outdoor mini-displays to Jumbotrons
  • Ultimate protection - IP65 element protection and IK10+ impact designs 
  • Nationwide field deployment and service
  • Device connectivity solutions 
  • Product options such as anti-graffiti coating, extreme cold environment solutions, salt-air/salt-water protection and more

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