Bravo à notre client - Garant GP


December 20, 2018

For the 3rd edition of the MultiPrévention Awards, 24 applications from 18 companies were submitted. Last October, the members of the jury evaluated each of the prevention ideas to select one for each sector of activity served by MultiPrévention.

For the metal products manufacturing sector, the winner is Garant GP for the implementation of a platform to better communicate OHS.

The situation: at Garant, a company that employs 350 workers, we were looking for an even more efficient and direct way to train and inform workers about regulatory changes, new safety instructions, a safe work procedure, etc., and to keep track of who has been trained and on what.

The solution: the company adapted and then implemented a platform designed specifically for this purpose. Via computers at workstations or tablets, staff members have access to specific information and training depending on their location, the department to which they belong and their shift.

The display part on large screens was carried out by the IT team of Garant GP in collaboration with the Consultants MELTING ICECUBE.

Well done to the entire Garant GP team. We are privileged to work with you.

Robert McBrearty,
Vice-President, Business Development at Melting IceCube Consultants

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