Montfort Hospital


Affichage numérique

The client wanted to create a digital signage network to communicate important information about the hospital as well as other, more general information to patients who are waiting at the various hospital departments. The aim was to both inform patients about the various procedures and events around the hospital and the community as well as to reduce the perceived waiting time. All this was to be done with a communications platform that requires minimal day-to-day intervention – in both English and French.

Description :

Affichage numérique

There are a total of 33 screens installed in various departments around the hospital dedicated to patient communications. In addition, a small project of three screens displays information about the progress of work completed in the records and archives department.


Since the project began in February 2015, Mr. McBrearty has supervised the installation of twenty-seven (27) Media players used to broadcast information across various screens located at the Montfort Hospital. This major project for the Hospital was very well managed and all the screens were operational within a period of two (2) months. McBrearty trained all users and remains available for any support request. Indeed, it is an easy to use platform for users. Since the initial project, we added a few screens to the original number. Among other things, an information management project archives that users are very satisfied.

We are very pleased with the service offered by MELTING ICECUBE as well as the quality of the information communications “channels” displayed on all of the screens. Thank you to Mr. McBrearty and team!

Christine Sigouin, President and General Director,
Fondation de l’Hôpital Montfort