About us

Leader in the implementation of real-time display systems

Leader in the implementation of real-time graphics systems, the MELTING ICECUBE Consultants was created in 2004 by Marc Lapierre, following a 20-year career in telecommunications and the broadcast industry since 1988.

Since then, we have been at the heart of major television projects such as: Et Dieu créa … Laflaque (Montreal, QC), VOOM HD News (NY), WABC News (NY), Thomson Reuters

In 2007 we started in the digital signage and corporate communications industry to become a leader in demand for large Canadian companies with turnkey solutions in the manufacturing, transportation, health, entertainment and more.

Since 2013, we also offer solutions in the field of hospitality management.

Our mission

Transforming the experience of staff and customers from static information into interactive immersion by offering solutions that build loyalty, trigger action and integrate into the company's internal and external communication strategies while respecting the budget .