Digital signage

As a partner, we make our expertise available to businesses, hospitals, stores and banks to help them identify needs and make the best investments in infrastructure and equipment associated with business management technologies. reception and digital signage. And with the aim of building systems that will help you to improve the customer experience and that will adapt to the future needs of our customers.

High-level expertise coupled with extensive experience allows MELTING ICECUBE Consultants to intervene in a wide range of projects at different stages of development. Whether it is to modernize your hospitality strategy or establish new channels of communication with your clients and staff. Our team of integrators, graphic designers and consultants will meet your needs.

We understand the challenges facing the industry and our customers, as well as the environment and the requirements of managing hospitality and corporate communication..

Our personalized approach makes us the prime contractor when it comes to project and customer with particular requirements, challenges and constraints.

Our services include:

Digital signage
  • Assessment of customer needs and available solutions.
  • Recommendations for the choice of equipment and solution that will meet the current and future needs and objectives of the company.
  • Implementation of the chosen solution in partnership with the client.
  • Creating channels. (Template)
  • Creating custom content.
  • Installation of equipment.

The first meeting:

Digital signage
At the first meeting, we seek to understand the needs and operational processes of our clients in order to offer them unique solutions that will adapt and respond to their needs.