Powerfully innovative interactive digital signage in sizes from 7" to 65".


Inspire, Inform & Connect with Interactive Touch Screen Solutions

Our commercial-grade interactive digital signage displays are designed to captivate your audience acting as an interactive billboard.

From an interactive digital display to an interactive touch screen kiosk, Elo interactive touch screen solutions create high-impact experiences.

Redefine Retail With Interactive Digital Signage

Brands are no longer competing to be the first to adopt the latest technology, they are competing to use the newest technology to create the best interactive digital signage experience for their customers. Extend your brand experience while enabling in-store e-commerce with an interactive digital screen. Omnishoppers expect consistent experiences across the web, mobile and in store. Give them the best of online convenience in-store with a variety of endless aisle touch screen digital signage solutions.

Restaurant Self-Ordering and Interactive Menu Boards

Elo Restaurant Self-Ordering and Interactive Menu Boards

Simplify your guests ordering experience, increase sales and enhance operations with our self-ordering interactive touch screen solutions – allowing you to free up your staff to focus on improved throughout and exceptional service.

Visitor Management for the Modern Workplace

Elo Visitor Management for the Modern Workplace

Managing visitors is a complex business. Save staff time, improve security, and ensure a smooth experience for your guests with our interactive touch screen solutions for visitor management. From lobby check-in, to interactive wayfinding and meeting room signage, your guests are sure to feel welcome.

Control with EloView®

EloView technology allows you to seamlessly control digital content across multiple locations around the world
from one central command center. It’s the perfect solution for retail environments, hotels, restaurants, stadiums,
museums or virtually anywhere.

Elo Edge Connect™ Lets You do More!

Built with versatility in mind, the Elo Edge Connect system offers a wide assortment of peripheral options. Whether for an interactive storefront display, endless aisle or collaboration applications, seamlessly attach any combination of up to four peripherals, to the edge of the interactive digital display creating a bespoke solution. And, you can add or move them as your needs change!

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