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Extending the power of X2O to the desktop.

In today’s business environment, it’s more important than ever for employees to be able to access business-critical information wherever and whenever they need it. The X2O Desktop provides the perfect solution by connecting users to the content they need from the screen they use most often – their desktop workstation or laptop. Learn more by watching the video below.

Real-time information – right where you need it.

X2O Desktop allows users to browse and view any channel on the X2O network. Channels can be displayed as floating windows, screensavers, or simple widgets that are pinned to the desktop for continuous real-time updates. Channels can also be broadcast over the network as targeted pop-up notifications, or as critical alerts that display full-screen security or safety announcements.

On-demand Channels

Canaux sur demande
Display company news channels, event calendars, social media and Google maps.

Use X2O Desktop to view channels that interest you and can help with your daily tasks:
  • Calendars and events
  • Employee task lists
  • Team and sales dashboards
  • Integration with enterprise databases, SharePoint, ERP Systems
  • Display social media, video, real-time data feeds, and documents
  • HR news and lobby welcome screens
  • Google Maps

Screensaver Channels

Show HR news, social media, dashboards, video and other channels as a screensaver when your display is idle

Use X2O Desktop to display meaningful channels of information as a screensaver when your display is idle:

  • Sales and performance indicators
  • Employee communications and HR news
  • Manufacturing data
  • Social media feeds
  • Senior management dashboards
  • Video and other multimedia

Desktop Widgets

Pin KPI’s, live weather, news, social media, clocks, gauges, charts, and more on your desktop.

Use X2O Desktop to pin interactive widgets to your desktop that can help with your daily tasks:
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Live weather
  • Company announcements and world news
  • Social media feeds
  • Stock market data
  • Clocks, gauges, and other charting tools
  • Google Maps


Send sales wins, employee hires, birthday greetings, and other messages to groups within your enterprise.

Use X2O Desktop to send targeted notifications and messages to entire departments, a specific group of employees within a department, or an interest group:
  • Sales and performance highlights
  • Company-wide updates
  • HR and personal announcements
  • Marketing updates
  • Social bulletins
  • Instant messaging and alerts

Real-Time Alerts

Push critical alerts and safety information channels to desktops across the entire enterprise.

Use X2O Desktop to send critical alerts and safety information channels to desktops across the entire enterprise:
  • Push notifications to individuals or groups in real time as events occur
  • Real-time awareness and crisis management
  • Location-intelligent messaging directing traffic to appropriate exits

With X2O Desktop, every screen in your organization becomes part of a real-time visual communications network. Any content can be shared with any user, any where.

From company news and announcements to real-time interactive dashboards showing key business metrics, X2O Desktop gets the right information to the right users at the right time.

Share content throughout the enterprise

Turn your company into a digital workplace with the X2O platform. Send the right content to the right people at the right time, and significantly improve communications and decision-making.
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Sample Desktop Widgets

X2O Widgets

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