Etude cas Coopérative des Ambulanciers de la Mauricie


Goal :

The Coopérative des Ambulanciers de la Mauricie, in the Mauricie region, currently has a staff of 182 members, including 164 paramedics. Paramedics are assigned to service points located in the territory served by the CAM, either in Trois-Rivières at its head office and / or in one of the two (2) urban waiting points in Trois-Rivières. , or at the Shawinigan or Batiscan barracks or Bécancour barracks, all according to a dynamic deployment plan that is approved annually by the CIUSSS.
As part of a major project to modernize its internal communications, the cooperative has mandated the team of MELTING ICECUBE Consultants to deploy a digital signage network in its 6 barracks.

Description :

This is a total project of 6 screens in the 6 barracks of the Cooperative. Content updates are done through the X2O portal, RAO data feed and various Ministry of Transport and other data feeds. Information such as RAO indicators, appointment notices, events and messages to employees are displayed on the screens.

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