January 17, 2017

Digital signage is a powerful tool, which allows you to communicate animated messages to your customers and employees in various public places. Installing screens allows the consumer to get more information about your products and services and helps build a sense of belonging among your employees by keeping them informed about life in the company. Versatile in various industries such as golf clubs, banking, retail and manufacturing, digital signage can become an asset in your corporate communications strategy.

Here are 5 keys to success in digital signage:

-Update diverse and interesting content

Would you watch a TV channel that consistently broadcasts the same episode throughout the year. Probably not. The biggest challenge in digital signage is to gain audience loyalty by diversifying content regularly. The challenge is not the same in a Caisse Desjardins as it is in a business cafeteria. The more contact the listener has with the screens, the more important it is to offer diverse and interesting content. In this context, it becomes important to know your audience well in order to offer them interesting and diverse content.

-Measure the efficiency of screens

A very simple technique to find out if your screens are effective is to communicate a unique promotion through your digital signage. If this promotion is not found elsewhere, it will be easy to raise the visibility rate of your screens. You have probably already heard, on the radio, a host who invites you to come to a business by naming the name of the station to get a specific discount?

-Avoid screens that are too small

Big screens get more attention. You should also avoid installing small screens on large walls. This will create a visual imbalance which can be annoying for your audience. Choose larger screens that are suitable for the space and use a screen wall for very large spaces.

-Install the screens in the right places

The screens should be placed in areas where the context allows content to be viewed, for example, a waiting room, reception desk, cafeteria, etc. Young people will naturally look at their cell phones. A properly positioned screen will have more impact than 3 poorly positioned screens. Consult a specialist to help you.

-Include digital signage in your marketing and corporate communication plans

Think like the big media companies. I give the example of the Québécor group. Tva and LCN broadcast short news. To learn more about the news, people can turn to the Journal de Montréal or to the website. Digital signage is not a communication strategy in itself. It is a tool to be integrated into a global communication plan with the internet, intranet, etc.

Well planned and well used, digital signage will serve you well.

Robert McBrearty,
Vice-President, Business Development at Melting IceCube Consultants

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